Full-service fresh food solutions
The Fresh Food Group | Fresh, healthy and delicious food solutions

The Fresh Food Group (FFG) provides full-service fresh solutions for retail, foodservice, club and convenience stores including merchandising and category support. We proudly operate eight facilities across the U.S. and three in Canada. We are the leading providers of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, snacking products and home meal replacement solutions.

Meet the Fresh Food Group Family of Brands:

Meal Kit Solutions
Retail-ready fresh meal kits

Retail-ready fresh meal kits

We create freshly prepared home meal replacement solutions for supermarkets coast-to-coast for both private label and branded programs.

Our meal kits offer pre-measured servings for 2 - 4, combining fresh and pre-cooked ingredients with step-by-step instructions that are ready to enjoy in minutes requiring only basic kitchen skills.

Meal kit varieties include pasta, stir fry and salad options. All kits include gourmet sauces that are made from scratch using fresh herbs and the finest ingredients.

Ready to-Go-Meals

Fresh mixed salads and pastas

We craft convenient and delicious gourmet deli salads, pastas and prepared foods for supermarkets, fresh-cut vegetable processors and food service providers nation-wide.

You will get everything you need delivered for maximum freshness and shelf life. You combine the pre-portioned components and your customers enjoy fresh gourmet salads and pastas!

With our salads and pasta kits you can offer the freshest, most delicious, and visually stunning salads that canbe served as a main dish or side.

Varieties range from super-food and exotic grain salads to all-time classics. And every salad comes with its own unique dressing designed to enhance flavor, texture, and shelf life.

Fresh mixed salads and pastas
Fresh Cut Veggies and Fruit

Healthy & delicious varieties

Fresh sliced veggies and sweet andjuicy sliced fruit in a variety of favorite assortments that carefully selected, washed, cut, and prepared for quickand easy ready-to-serve convenience.

We work with a network of trusted growers across the country to provide an organic line of fresh-cut vegetables and fruit including:

  • Organic red apple slices
  • Organic green apple slices

We deliver customized offeringsfor food service programs including:

  • Berry mix of seasonal berries such asstrawberries, blueberries, raspberries
  • Tropical fruit mix of melon, pineapple and grapes
  • Cut strawberries
  • Cut apples
  • Cut watermelon
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Sliced green pepper
Fresh Snacking Solutions

Convenient & fresh, anytime!

Premium Party Trays
Packed with delectable, high-quality seasonal fresh-cut fruit and vegetables with luscious dips and creamycheeses. They are delicious and healthy for enjoyment anytime, anywhere.Your customers will love the ready-to-serve convenience!

Snack Packs
Varieties include all-time favorites, such as sweet red grapes, tart green and red apples, crunchy carrots, and crisp celery sticks. And our brand new premium snack features Labrada Nutrition Hi-Protein Granola Bars each packed with 20g of protein for meals on-the go.

Single Serve Cups
Provide just the right amount of fresh-cut, delicious fruit or vegetables. Perfect for when you’re craving a quick snack or need something to add to the lunch box. Quick and convenient cups are power packed with one fruit or vegetable per serving with tasty dip.